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technical glues and sprays

adhesive series 3024

to lock and seal all threads up to M36; DVGW; temperature range -60...200°C; medium strength

adhesive series 3044

to lock and seal all threads up to M56; DVGW; temperature range -60...200°C; high strength

sealing tape, PTFE

thickness 0,076mm

pipe sealing cord

universal, non-hardening thread sealant in form of an impregnated nylon thread

activator series 3150

activates passive surfaces and accelerates the solidity; enables the use of adhesives also for metal-plastic-compounds and at low temperatures

cleaning spray series 3160

removes rest of oil and human lipid on the parts of adhesives; always to use before adhesives

adhesive-remover series 3180

removes sealing and glueing residues, colours and lacquer

leak detector spray series 3200

to find quickly, easily and safety fractures and porous locations at tubes for compressed air; non-inflammable; with anti-corrosion effect; DVGW-approved