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waste water-plastic pipes

The challenge

In these production plants waste water plastic pipes with a diameter of 300 to 3000 mm are produced.
Our task was to analyse the production lines technically, to improve and standardize as far as possible.

The STASTO solution

On an endless steel band sand, resins and plastic fibers are brought up.
After drying, the pipe is cut off, and by means of hydraulic lifting equipment and electric motors to the respective processing stations, such as incorporating a groove, pressure testing, and finally the pressing of the connection coupling, transported.
Together with our partner the production machines were inspected and searched for possible technical improvements and potential savings.
It was given highest attention to quality, functionality and reliability.

The result

It is possible to order the complete production line virtually at your fingertips through the compilation of STASTO Combinations respectively preparation of all diagrams and documentations.
Due to the complete documentation, the various production machines as well as the complete system can be displayed clearly.