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mobile print shop

The challenge

Using hydraulic folding mechanisms the usable space of semitrailers shall be many times larger and personnel costs during assembly and disassembly shall be saved.

The STASTO solution

Together with our partner a complete package has been developed consisting of a precisely engineered power unit, corresponding control elements, associated cylinders and the necessary mounting material.
The power unit can operate with DC and AC.
The hydraulic synchronization device ensures a constant movement.
The entire system works electro-hydraulically and offers a high standard of safety and operator comfort.

The result

The mobile print shop for the F1 magazine "THE RED BULLETIN" is based on a fully hydraulic folding system.
Editorial and printing shop consists of a single trailer - expanded it offers a useful area of about 150 m2.
In the plant some STASTO Combinations are used, which essentially simplify the installation for our partners.
The complete engineering, preparation of all schematics and project documentation has taken STASTO.
Through the use of two different drive units, the hydraulics can be operated by public power grid or independently.