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one story touched us particularly and we were allowed to help

Amelie was born in 2013 and after 2 weeks she got a severe infection of the lungs. During the examinations she was also diagnosed with a serious heart defect. This was immediately followed by 4 operations (one open heart and one emergency operation). After several months in the clinic she was allowed to go home. But only for a short time, as further operations followed.

Meanwhile Amelie is 6 years young and has a developmental gap. This means she can't do some things on her own - like eating, dressing and riding her bike. She is too big for the child seat on the bike. Therefore no bicycle trips can be made with her. Also the daily way to kindergarten (from autumn to school) is only possible with a car. Therefore, the family would like to have a Babboe Big E cargo bicycle to make their daily activities easier.

A family friend, who picked up the bike today and already did a test lap, supported this project. We were allowed to contribute the remaining amount.

Ninette (the mother) thanked everyone and is speechless about our quick and generous help!

We would like to thank our colleagues from PowUnity, who provided a GPS tracker. From now on this cargo bike is protected against theft!

We would also like to thank the transport company Gebrüder Weiss, who took over the delivery of the bike and the company E-Zweirad, who finished the bike in a hurry and installed the tracker.

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