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2018 Participation in PowUnity GmbH

In autumn 2018 STASTO participates with 50% of the startup PowUnity. The company, founded in the Tyrol, deals with BikeTrax - a GPS theft protection for e-bikes. Full integration in the STASTO house enables logistical, commercial and organizational development to the highest standard. From startup to market leader - an exciting story!

Homepage PowUnity

2018 founding of STASTO Serbia

In August 2018 STASTO Automatizacija doo is founded in Serbia. To date, the region has been managed by MS Promcom. From now on, the market benefits from the complete range of services directly from STASTO. This enables an even more intensive cooperation with all partner companies.  Proximity to the customer is a tried and tested concept, which is now also being implemented in the Balkans.

2015 founding of STASTO Slovenia

In April 2015 STASTO AVTOMATIKA d.o.o. based in Slovenia is founded. For quite some time STASTO takes care from Austria of its direct neighboring country. There are already many connections of Austrian partners, which have opened a branch office in Slovenia. The direct on-site support opens up completely new possibilities of partnerships with all companies of this country.

2013 Again on the podium by Austria`s leading companies!

Again, the "wirtschaftsblatt", Austria`s biggest economy paper, together with PricewaterhouseCoopers and the KSV1870 was looking for the most dynamic companies in Austria. The most important business key figures of the last four years were the basis of the assessment.

STASTO achieved among medium-sized companies in the Tyrol the third place after 2 first places in 2011 and 2012! We are very pleased with this excellent result, as it confirms the high quality of our partnership working.

2013 Participation in MS PROMCOM d.o.o.

In July 2013, STASTO participated with 50% in MS PROMCOM d.o.o. in Belgrade. For several years already MS PROMCOM sold products and services from STASTO. Through an alternation of generations on the top management, there was the opportunity for a participation. From now on the markets of Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia and Montenegro are serviced directly by the company MS PROMCOM. Another expansion step to implement local customer support in the best possible way.

2011 STASTO International was founded

To make the best progress and coordination of the STASTO expansion steps the STASTO International was founded as a new limited commercial partnership in August 2011. The head office is in the building of STASTO Austria. STASTO International supports all STASTO companies in the areas of business-, data-, product & partner management and marketing. Currently 5 people are dedicated to these tasks.

2010 Participation in Pneumatika Hungaria Kft.

In November 2010 STASTO Austria participates with 50% in Pneumatika Hungaria Kft. in Budapest. The market competence in Hungary established company combined with the wide range of STASTO products and services are ideal conditions for a successful partnership. 

2007 Further expansion …

With customers in Switzerland, Slovenia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro and Macedonia, STASTO is continuing with their strategy for international growth. At our local branches, our entire range of products for pneumatics, industrial armatures and hydraulics is complemented by personal and competent consultation designed to cater for your specific needs. Our head office in Austria is also at your disposal in order to guarantee optimal logistic and technical support. The strategic focus of the STASTO Group is being continuously implemented as a result of constant development and we are subsequently laying the foundations for a solid future.

2006 active support of the german market

STASTO has been actively operating in the German market since April 2006.  STASTO complements its already existing successful service packages through customer support based in site. currently the market is processed intensively by three sales representatives.

2006 Two-fold success in catalogue benchmark competition

At the "Big Catalogue Benchmark 2006" this question was answered for the second time.STASTO achieved first place in the areas of "automation technology" and "connecting elements and armatures".

The "Big CatalogueBenchmark 2006" is an independent competition especially for technical catalogues in the areas of printing and online services. based on over 130 criteria, participating shops and catalogues are professionally analyzed, compared and evaluated within their industry. This result of these criterias offer valuable clues as to the current position of a catalogue in a market and subsequently enables improvements to be made and therefore better quality for customers.

2005 founding of STASTO Poland

on the 26th of september 2005 STASTO Automation Sp.zoo based in Poland is founded in this 100% STASTO subsidiary currently 7 people are employed. There is a lot of potential in the Polish market which will be brought to fruition through professional and careful nurturing of this exciting market. This will also give our existing customers an important long-term advantage. As a result of higher total volumes, our appeal to manufacturers can increase considerably. Consequently, a high-quality product line with products of the highest quality and project services can be guaranteed and further developed.

2005 Bestowal of the Pater Gapp award

Dedication and commitment to social obligations and commitments, and an especially good relationship to employees make STASTO a role model for Tyrolean companies. The Catholic Labor Organisation awareded STASTO for its achievements with the newly founded Pater Gapp Recognition Award.

The Bishop of Tirol, Manfred Scheuer, presented the award to director of the company Christof Stocker at celebratory mass.

2003 Alternation of generations on the top of the management

There was a change of generations at the top management of the company in May 2003. Christof Stocker took over the management of the business from his father - Founder and Partner - Gerhard Stocker. 

The originator of the unique STASTO Philosophy remained however as a limited partner in the business. Christof Stocker built on the innovative achievements of his father and focused on developing a system of flat hierarchy and base-oriented claims and objectives.

2000 Tyrolean brand management award

The jury in this competition were more than satisfied with STASTOs exemplary and consistent brand management, particularly internally: "Ideals are realised in our company - success which STASTO can be proud of!" STASTO branding can be particularly characterised by the fact that it is the attention to detail which plays a decisive role in the success of the brand: The actions of STASTO Co-Entrepreneurs, the products and the STASTO services characterize the appearance of the company every day.

1994 Establishment of STASTO in the Czech Republic and construction of a company building

After a 6 year period of active involvement in the Czech market, the company STASTO Automation s.r.o. in Týnec, situated approximately 30 km south of Prague, was founded. The Czech subsidiary of STASTO has developed in an exemplary way - with re-development and expansion work having already been carried out.

1993 Development and implementation of the STASTO Co-EntrepreneurModel

STASTO adopted a new method in business understanding and the development of business culture in 1993 with the implementation of the STASTO Co-EntrepreneurModel. After a certain period of time at STASTO, every employee is invited to not only participate in the success of the company but also to become a partner.

1974 establishment STASTO Austria

In 1974, Ing. Otto Staudacher and Ing. Gerhard Stocker decide to found the company STASTO together. The first company premises were situated in an old apartment building in Gabelsbergerstrasse in Innsbruck, Austria. - The company dealt with solenoid valves and pneumatic armatures.. Both Staudacher and Stocker shared the roles involved in running the company and alternated weekly between office and external work. After only a few months in business, the ambitious team of two was strengthened by the addition of their first employee. STASTO achieved a yearly turnover in 1975 of € 0,21 Mio. (ATS 3 Mio.).