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pneumatic control cabinet

The challenge

The STASTO customer is active in the paper sector and wants to have its electro-pneumatic control unit protected, centrally and clearly arranged installed in a cabinet .

To meet the special requirements of the paper industry, pneumatic high temperature valves and a cabinet made of stainless steel are used.
Furthermore, the downtime must be kept as short as possible. For this reason, the valves must be able to be replaced during operation.
The supply and eduction of compressed air should be carried out via one port collected.
Furthermore, all connections must be routed through the cabinet floor to ensure maximum protection of the components in the cabinet.

The STASTO solution

Harmonised to the specified dimensions a control cabinet was worked out in close cooperation with the customer.
By the STASTO technology a possibility was developed to replace the valves during operation under pressure.
In addition, the valves have been fitted with a quick release system. Thus each valve can be replaced in seconds without tools.

The result

The control cabinet is fully assembled and tested, it only has to be connected by the STASTO customer with its armatures.
It will meet all demands on the quality that are called for in the paper sector.
The service life and ease of maintenance have been significantly increased.