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In-depth technical knowledge of products

We offer technical specifications, experienced advice and application recommendations for our entire product line. STASTO delivers efficiency and assurance.

the edge in know-how

Continuous communication of experiences and mutual product trainings between manufacturers and STASTO ensures that we can provide our customers with top rate advice and know-how. If requested, customers can avail common on-site analysis of situations.

understanding of quality

STASTO manufacturers are required to be highly specialised in their field and supply products of the foremost quality. All our suppliers correspond to ISO 9000 quality certificate standards and are subject to continuously assessed STASTO QualityCriterias.


STASTO Manufacturers are highly competent and efficient partners in business.


As we work closely with over 20 product partners and a further 60 manufacturers on a regular basis, we can guarantee our customers a well-balanced range of products.

Made in Europe

All production plants are located in Europe. So local competences, short distances and local value added are guaranteed.