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3 main-points move STASTO obtaining its active sales range exclusively by European producers:

  • Competence on-site
  • short routes
  • regional added value

Competence on-site:

Business with automation products is very consultation-intensive. Constantly STASTO is confronted with tasks, which are to be solved. Therefore a big advantage for all sides is to integrate manufacturers, to master these challenges efficiently and successfully. Language barriers are reduced to a minimum. An intensive exchange of experiences in the entire supply chain is made possible by the nearness of the production plants.

short routes:

STASTO can react flexibly to any market requirement due to the nearness of the production plants. Delivery times can be shortened a lot for ordered products, technical and logistical solution competence will be available in a very short time. Short transport routes from the production plant to the customer dramatically reduces ecological damage.

regional added value:

The relocation of production plants to foreign countries was a trend of the past years. To get the value added from abroad to the near region, and thus creating and securing new jobs, is a big concern for STASTO.
This causes in the long term a preservation and a possible increase of the standard of living and the guaranteeing of the future of the region.
Only high-quality European manufacturing facilities are qualified for the active STASTO range of products. This ensures a maximum value added in the region.

further details and background: