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After a certain period of time, every employee is invited to not only participate in the success of the company but also to become a partner.


The flat hierarchy and base oriented targets of our company provides STASTO employees and business partners the opportunity to work independently and have responsibility for their own tasks. Personal development is encouraged and abilities further enhanced.

success as a motivational factor

The Co-Entrepreneurs results are conclusive - their motivation comes from ‚inside’. extraordinary performances are only possible through the commitment of all employees.


The future of our company is in good hands as it is based on enduring success-orientated, entrepreneurial business practices. The STASTO Co-EntrepreneurModel is the incentive for new ideas and approaches in order to creatively and efficiently meet the challenges which lie ahead.

We want the best for you, because it is the best for us. As STASTO Co-Entrepreneurs, we are involved in the success of the company.