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Experienced. What professionals are.

Business is too often characterised by what can simply be gained at the expense of others.

"STASTO has a different perspective and focus rather on fairness, innovation and sustainability. Customers, suppliers and partner companies are seen as partners and build upon the STASTO principles of reliability and trustworthiness. Hands on!"

STASTO sees themselves as a reliable partner in business and emphasise this with their commitment to the STASTO PartnershipGuarantee. We leave nothing to chance! „we don`t make promises, we guarantee!“

Constant development distinguishes us. Therefore we offer space for dynamic, responsible and inquisitive people.
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Send us your detailed and complete application documents so that we can get a first impression of you and invite you to a job interview:

Afterwards we prefer a personal meeting to get to know you better and tell you more about our company and the services you can expect from us.

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