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biogas plant

The challenge

A biogas plant serves as the production of biogas from biomass. Slurry and plant silage is fermented in these systems, the resulting gas is used in a block-type thermal power station for heat and power generation.

This plant is fed daily with 90 tons of corn silage and beet pulp and provides over 3 gas engines (each 500 kW) power to the grid.

The STASTO solution

After the technical specification of the tender, the shut-off valves, knife gate valves in this case, were selected together with the plant constructor.
In order to increase the degree of automation, a large part of the gate valves was designed with a pneumatic actuator.

The result

The modern plant technology increasingly requires individual, technically optimized and economical solutions.
Our experience and the selected STASTO industrial valves range is a profit for everyone involved.